Digital Sideburns Ltd., based in Limerick, Ireland, was formed by Alan Taylor and David Sims in early 2009. We are currently working on a number of original titles which will see release this year.

Our current focus includes the iPhone and traditional online gaming, but we will be expanding to more platforms in the near future. We’re just two guys who love playing and making games and occasionally growing beards.

We met in college studying Software Development, and since we’ve been working together on various projects. We both graduated with first class honors, Alan in 2007, Dave in 2008 and we were both awarded Project of the Year.

Alan created a RPG for the PSP as his project and Dave wrote a programming language which allowed client-server applications to be developed as a single application. Dave was one half of the team, along with our friend Brian, that won the Red Eye National 24 hour game programming team competition. While waiting around for Dave to finish college Alan completed a masters in Interactive Entertainment Technology at Trinity College Dublin which included PC and XBox 360 game development.

We want to make the games we want to play, we hope some other people will like them too.

You can contact either of us by e-mail at: firstname dot lastname at digitalsideburns.com