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The last update was a long time ago. Since then we presented our game at the Game Developers 6th Birthday Shindig in Dublin. We got an extremely good response from everyone there, lots of advice and a very helping hand in order to get us one step closer to releasing our game. So thanks to John, Aphra and Matt.

Development time since then has been longer than expected but I think we’ve benefited so much from it. Graphics have improved a lot, probably one thing we heard most in Dublin was to improve them. The game engine is now extremely efficient. We’ve created a really versatile and powerful animation engine that is now probably doing a good portion of the work in the game including menus, cut scenes, in game effects etc., in less than half the time of normal methods. Here’s a demo version of our game intro, script changes to come soon!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qJseoFYLvI The video also reveals the name of our game, Fray. We’d been working under our code name for a long time waiting for the right name to come along!

Currently the puzzles are looking pretty awesome. The final number on release isn’t know yet, still sorting through them all finding the best ones and ordering them in terms of difficulty. Hopefully we’ll have a few videos up soon of some game play.

The game is finally coming to an end and we hope to release soon and move on to some new (smaller!) projects in the new year.

New Graphics

New Graphics

Nov 24, 2009 / Blog

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