Digital Sideburns have been listening to your requests and have updated!

This is just a quick post for our regular readers who have had no content update since we launched the site.

Just want to say that development on our first app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is going very well. I can’t give away too much just yet but for anyone who enjoys puzzles you’ll be very happy. We’ve settled now on all the puzzle types, game control and look of the game so feature creep won’t be a problem. Except we just came up with an excellent idea about 20 minutes ago that we plan to implement but it’s not feature creep, it’s an evolutionary design change…

We plan on releasing a definitive iPhone game, designed specifically for the platform sometime next month. Price is still to be confirmed but you’ll receive a very unique game that will be pretty damn good value for your money.

Expect more updates very soon, including a design change for the site.

Apr 3, 2009 / Blog


Apr 3, 2009

Sounds good, keep up the good work

David K

Apr 16, 2009

Good to hear going well. Can’t wait to see. ScreenShots I say, screenshots!

brian de búrca

Apr 20, 2009

Pat on the back!!!


May 25, 2009

You guys should check out the Sideburns app… not so revolutionary, but it is sideburns

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