Gravity Game Begins

Work is underway on our new project. The motivation is fantastic.

The two of us have really got back into the joy of game creation once again. The new year is being good to us for sure.

The idea for this project is to keep things simple simple simple! No overloading the game with too many additions to the base game and keeping the graphics very minimalist but still have a little bit of pretty.

Screen Shot 1: Updated version of the concept art. Pixels are much smaller and allows us to create larger levels. We are looking at having 6 planets in later levels. The smaller pixels also lead to other ideas we might explore.

Screen Shot 2: Sample level select screen. Need to find a nice free pixel font. Add some indication of which levels are cleared and actually write all those numbers between 1 and 30!

Screen Shot 3 & 4: Concept idea for our control input. Two circles appear when the thumb touches the screen and the player can drag the smaller one to change the direction and speed of the shot. This will cause the direction arrow on the start area to change direction and length also. This fixes the problem we had with controls on the flash version not being useful in all situations on the iPhone. Mainly if the start area is close to the edges of the screen and you can’t get enough pull back on the shot.

We’re writing a short design doc now to lock down everything and avoid feature creep later on. Expect another blog post after it’s done discussing our scoring system and maybe a look at a second simple game mode.

Jan 22, 2010 / Blog / Gravity Game

John O'Kane

Jan 27, 2010

Hey guys, great to see you guys back online again! Looking forward to further posts and output. Oh, there will be another gd.ie event again this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements.


Jan 27, 2010

Thanks John. Will keep you informed about a beta version. We will definitely be at this year’s gd.ie event with at least two games under our belts!


Feb 11, 2010

Looking cool Baz. Can’t wait to see a video.


Apr 23, 2010

Your game reminds me of the game Lagrange (http://www.gamemakergames.com/?a=view&id=213). I love the pixelated look. Keep up the good work

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