Obey gravity, it’s the law!

There’s no arguing with that, and we here at Digital Sideburns would not like to run afoul of Newton, Kepler and Einstein, even though they’re all dead… in that case we would not like to run afoul of Zombie Newton, Zombie Kepler and Zombie Einstein!

In an effort to appease the gods of science,  we are taking a break from working on “Fray” and we are going to produce a game in a similar vein to “Gravity Wars”. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to our latest iPhone project: Codename Shoot the Blue Guy!

Gravity Game

We were messing around with Adobe Flex the other day and we created this little demo: Gravity Game. We ended up playing that a lot more than we should have, approximately a million times longer than it took to program. Ok, that’s a lie… that would amount to 285.19 years of play-time, but it’s close.

We’ve been keeping our cards close to our chest lately with regards to the development of “Fray”, but we’re going to develop this game in the open. Over the next few weeks expect a barrage of updates and a call for beta-testers very soon.

The game will be released for the iPhone, pending Apple’s approval in both full and lite versions. We’ll post more propaganda right here, stay tuned!

Baz and Dave

Jan 21, 2010 / Blog / Gravity Game

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