Strawberries and Cream

The latest news from Digital Sideburns is that the game is going well. There’s lots of lovely scrolling and zooming and accelerometer-ing.

I’m also posting some images in this post. I can’t really post any screen shots of the game yet, there’s too much info in them!! =) What you’ll see below are concept images that I’m working on from our tileset. These are what we are calling “special tiles”. We’re going for a bit of a neon look with the game. Any criticism of them is welcome. Also, preferences between the 2nd and 3rd tile design (circles and arrows) would be appreciated!

I’m gonna upload a few more, hopefully tonight. There are another 8 I’m currently designing so I’ll share a few with ye =)

Till next time, take it easy.


Apr 22, 2009 / Blog

David K

Apr 25, 2009

Very Pretty Baz


May 21, 2009

Very pretty. 2nd icon better than third.

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